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X-Men Visionaries: Joe Madureira TP

Joe Madureira (Illustrator), Scott Lobdell (Writer)

Exploding onto the comics scene in 1994, Joe Madureira quickly became one of the top talents in the field. With a look heavily influenced by the Japanese manga style, Madureira’s clean and powerful images fueled the success of Marvel’s mutant super hero team the X-Men throughout the 1990s. Collected here are some of the finest examples of Madureira’s artistic mastery, as he takes the mutant super hero team through every locale imaginable.In the Morlock tunnels beneath New York City, the X-Men face a new generation of outcast mutants, the vengeful Gene Nation. Then it’s off to Hong Kong, where the merry mutants are immersed in eastern mysticism in the “Quest for the Crimson Dawn”. In the farthest reaches of outer space, the X-Men must protect themselves from both the Imperialistic Shi’Ar and the mechanical parasites the Phalanx.

inally the children of the Atom find themselves in an Antarctic stronghold where one of their own is forced to stand trials for his sins against all mutantkind.

Joe Madureiras manga-influenced take on the Morlocks, the Shi Ar, the Crimson Dawn, the Phalanx and the X-Men! One of the first to incorporate the Japanese style of manga into American comics, Maduriera breathed new and vibrant life inot the planet’s most popular team of super heroes! Collected here for the first time – as though these flimsy covers could hold it! – is his best work: the work of a true visionary!

Collects Uncanny X-Men #325-326, 328-330, 340-343, 345, and 350.
176 pages, Paperback

A powerhouse collection of the most popular heroes drawn by one of the decade’s most popular artists! From John Byrne to Marc Silvestri, from John Romita Jr. to Jim Lee, many creators have leapt into the spotlight with their work on Uncanny X-Men. Following this path to success, Joe Madureira exploded onto the scene in 1994, with a look heavily influenced by the Japanese manga style. Fans immediately responded to this newcomer’s clean yet turbo-charged look at Marvel’s mutant heroes. Collected here are some of the finest examples of his innovative work, as the Children of the Atom race from the Morlock Tunnels to Hong Kong to outer space on their never-ending fight for peace. Includes Uncanny X-Men #325 (guest-starring Callisto and Spider-Man), #329-330 (the martial arts masterpiece entitled ‘The Quest of the Crimson Dawn’), #341-343 (featuring the Shi’Ar and the parasitic Phalanx) and the double-sized 350th issue, featuring the infamous ‘Trial of Gambit!’

Joe Madureira was my favorite X-Men artist through the bulk of the nineties, and this graphic novel collection contains some of his very best issues of penciling. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t include ALL of the stories that he drew, but still, this is excellent stuff.

The X-Men have to handle an aggressive set of young, vengeful Morlocks called the Gene Nation with the assistance of former teammate Colossus in the first included story. Then, Wolverine and Archangel join forces with Doctor Strange to try to find a cure for the horribly injured Psylocke. After that, Rogue, Joseph, Gambit, Beast, Bishop, and Trish Tilby are jettisoned into outer space to assist the Shi’Ar in warding off a Phalanx Invasion following Gladiator’s memorable, very fun to read toe-to-toe match with Cannonball. If you want all your questions answered in terms of what was going on in the X-Men stories of the era, then that’s not going to happen with the gaps between the included issues, but if you want to see the best of Joe Madureira’s incredible artwork, then this is a collection that you should not pass up.

Collects Uncanny X-Men #325-326, 328-330, 340-343, 345, and 350. Near mint, 2nd print.