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Everyman: Be the People Paperback
by Steven Goldman (Author), Dan Goldman (Author), Joe Bucco (Author, Illustrator)

Be The People is the first in a series of EVERYMAN graphic novels about the rise to power of a new force in American politics, a movement called OneLove. Originally founded as a push for common decency in politics and social policy, the OneLove platform takes on a new life as its founders uncover hard evidence of intent to tamper with the electronic voting machines used in the 2004 general election and ensure that the incumbent President Henry R. Birch stays in office at any cost. Be The People follows OneLove’s attempts to rally the American people and take back the White House from those who would hijack its authority for their own ends.

From the Inside Flap

…for the incumbent President Henry R. Birch and his political machine.

For the rest of America, it renders the very foundation of our democracy a joke without a punchline.

But for the founders of the nascent political movement OneLove ? award-winning author Thomas Womack, social engineer Perdita Orozco and Presidential aide Manolo Perez ? it?s an opportunity unlike any other, to give Americans a voice that can?t be ignored, and to bring the American people together to make the nation they always knew it could be. And perhaps find someone worthy of being called the President of the United States, instead of just the lesser of two evils.

But first, OneLove must expose President Birch?s plot to steal the election… again.

The story is Everyman. The idea is OneLove. The place is America. And the time is now.

This is where it all begins.

Forged in fire, frustration and love by the Brothers Goldman and illustrated by Joe Bucco, EVERYMAN seeks not to point the finger of blame? but to point the way back to the American Dream in which all our voices matter.

“[a] book with slick dialog and an enthralling story … I couldn?t put this political fable down …” — Ain’t It Cool News

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: FWDbooks

In the story, President George W. Bush becomes President Henry R. Birch. Okay, two points for renaming the President after the ultra-conservative organization that was founded in 1958. Birch has just one re-election and at his inauguration, one of his aides, Manny Perez steps to the podium and begins telling all in attendance how Birch stole the election with rigged voting machines and rants on about how the people do not have a say in their own democracy. Perez is then shot dead by a secret service agent. Now reverse time several months as noted novelist Thomas Womack and Perdita Orozco of the Santa Fe Institute think tank are first approached by Perez with the evidence of vote tampering. The pair begin a grass roots campaign that they dub “OneLove” (how very cute) to begin getting the message out to the masses about “The Evil Empire” that is the Birch administration. They toss out every ridiculous liberal conspiracy theory concocted such as the one about Osama Bin Laden already having been captured secretly so Birch can use it for political gain. And then there is talk about reinstituting the draft which to my recollection, only came out of the Kerry camp in the last election as a scare tool…and one which ultimately failed. Of course the OneLove campaign catches on and after the death of Perez we get a nicely wrapped, fairy tale ending.

Everyman is an interesting book that creates a political world similar to our own during the end of President George W. Bush’s first term–but with some dramatic differences.

The book centers on a political group, OneLove, that stresses a complete bipartisan agenda that will take the country in a new direction for the benefit of all citizens–not just those in the White House. However, this group collides with a Bush-like White House administration through public confrontations, guerilla media attacks, and an election scandal–all topped off with a hint of violence.

Overall, the story is interesting enough to make me want to pick up the next volume when it’s released. At times, I had trouble reconciling my mind to the concept of a political group that claimed to be completely bipartisan in their motives. It almost seemed too utopian of an idea–but it certainly didn’t make for bad storytelling. It drove an intriguing, modern political drama that most people can relate to on some level.

OneLove’s mission to take down an unpopular president who may have cheated in a election that featured easy-to-tamper-with electronic voting machines helps drive the story–especially for anyone who may have been unhappy with the president before Obama.

The illustration in this book by Joe Bucco is solid, with a slight manga influence. The artist does a fine job in creating a character’s expressions that convey the tone of the writers’ words. Bucco’s line also works well to create tense political atmosphere that carries through the book.

If you are interested in politics this book is worthy of your attention. regardless of whether you agree with its politcal messages or not, it is a book that will make you think both of the continuing story of Everyman and the real-world political climate. Even if you aren’t potically motivated, this book could be just the thing to mix up your usual reading list.

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