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X Isle TPB
Published Jun 2007 by Boom Studios
1st printing
Collects X Isle (2006) #1-5
Written by Andrew Cosby and Michael Alan Nelson
Art by Greg Scott

A team of researchers drift on the ocean, lost, in their quest for an enigmatic island that’s never been explored. Washing on its shores, they find a dense, terrifying jungle populated with animal and plant life that has evolved along a completely different path. What secret does this isle hold? Why are the life forms there so dangerous – and so alien? In the tradition of Alien and the recent horror-hit The Descent! Featuring art from Greg Scott (Gotham Central, Sword of Dracula).

Softcover, 6-in. x 9-in., 128 pages, full color. Cover price $14.99.

Now Cosby was one of the writers for “Eureka” and “Haunted” and Nelson is an established comic book writer, so, we can make the assumption that this is a comic that is based on a, probably, failed series idea, and it, probably, would have made a decent Scy-Fy channel series, that is, if the show “Lost” hadn’t been there first

Anyhoo, on Kaanapalie Beach a previously unknown type of sea life has washed up. So, the new species is acquired, samples are taken, and it’s off to the races as a research team headed by Dr. Alex Keller goes hunting for the species homeland. Also on board for the trip is Sara, the doctor’s daughter, Marcus, Kay, Matt, Charles and crew members Captain Greer & his loyal first mate Benga, who suspiciously seems to resemble Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

While searching for the island that the specimen Keller has gotten, the research ship is lost at sea during a violent electrical storm, and long story short, the ship goes down and the above noted cast end up on a lifeboat in unknown waters. Then they wash up on the shore of an unknown, and uncharted island.

Then, when things don’t seem like the could get any worse, they do, of course, and several living versions of the dead specimen come out the sea, only they’re much, well, bigger, much bigger, and, well, they’re hungry. After a fierce battle it is decided, wisely, that it is time leave the shore, quickly, and go inland. An option much enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately, on this island even the plants wanna eat you, and eat somebody they do. Then, of course, they just HAVE to split up, with one half going after a member that has been kidnapped by some plant monkeys (vegamites), while the other group wanting to continue inward to the other side of the island.

THEN things on this island take a turn for the weird. I mean, flying saucers?!?

There’s no doubt that this comic was either influenced by, or was meant to rip-off the television show “Lost”. This omnibus version of the first volume of the comic book series (It collects issues one through five, although there seems to never have been a volume two) even has a mandatory open ending, leaving the surviving cast’s, literally in one person’s case, futures up in the air. Unlike the often talky “Lost”, this series more often resembles a combination of old monster and jungle movies than the tv show does. There is always something dangerous, weird, or dangerous AND weird lurking in the shadows. “X Isle” is definitely less obtuse, and has more of a horror and sf content to it than the tv series, so that this graphic novel seems to have the feel of an unofficial sequel to the movie “Deep Rising”

However, be that as it might be, I found that this graphic novel held my attention and my interest, even as it freely lifts things from such shows as “X-Files”, “Lost”, and others.

There is a five page, in color, bestiary of some interesting creatures, almost none of which are used in the graphic novel, nice, Greg Scott shines here, too bad, because since almost none of the creatures featured here are ever used. This omnibus ends with the titleless reprints of the all five comic books reprinted here and they are just awesome. Really, just awesome stuff.

Altogether though, this is sturdy volume, well put together, colorful in its own muddy earth tones sort of way, and entertaining.

Near mint, 1st print.