X-Men Poster #70 Bishop by Carlos Pacheco


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Bishop (Lucas Bishop) was a member of Xavier’s Security Enforcers (initially called the Xavier School Enforcers), a mutant police force from a dystopian future of the Marvel Universe. He traveled to the 20th century and joined the X-Men, a team he knew only as legends. A brash antihero, he had difficulty adjusting to the norms of the time period. After a decade and a half of acting as a member of the team, Bishop was instead portrayed as one of the X-Men’s main antagonists. Born about 80 years in the future of the Marvel Universe, Bishop was the son of Aborigine mutant refugees who fled Australia for America a day before it was devastated in a nuclear attack. He was raised in a mutant concentration camp in the aftermath of the Summers Rebellion, an uprising in which mutants and humans joined forces to destroy the Sentinels. Bishop has a distinctive M brand over his right eye, used to identify mutants in his era. After his parents were killed, Bishop was taken in by a man named LeBeau, also called Witness, who was reportedly the last man to see the legendary X-Men alive. According to LeBeau (in XSE #4), Bishop’s adoptive grandmother took Bishop away from him. Bishop and his younger sister, Shard, were then subsequently raised by his grandmother within the same mutant concentration camp in Brooklyn.

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