X-Men Poster #36 Mystique Joseph Michael Linsner Dawn


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Like this, officer? Raven recently made a deal with Professor Charles Xavier. Hunted by many countries for her acts of terrorism, Xavier offered her protection from being detected by them. In exchange, she was to act as Xavier’s secret operative. If she was caught, Xavier would deny ever working with her. Former lover Forge aided her by providing technology while Shortpack acted as her handler. After completing quite a few missions, Mystique ended her working relationship with Xavier and infiltrated the Xavier Institute under the guise of Foxx, a student put in Gambit’s squad. Her true identity revealed by Emma Frost, Raven claimed to want to join the X-Men and have a better relationship with her foster daughter. She has since gone working with a new associate, Pulse, who she thinks is a better fit for Rogue. Mystique’s true motives, and who she was communicating with while inside the Institute, remain a mystery.

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