Darkness Poster # 4 Dale Keown Darklings in Chains Pitt Hulk


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The Darkness is an ageless power dating back beyond human history. The Darkness is one of the two primal forces of the Universe and is the equal and opposite of the Angelus. He and the Angelus have been at war since the Creation, before which he was the original void of primordial Chaos. To avert mutual destruction, the Darkness and the Angelus forged a truce through consummation and in so doing became the parents of the Witchblade. Since then, the Darkness has always taken a male human host. Usually passed from father to son, leaving the previous host, and taking his life, as his first child is conceived. The Darkness’ powers remain dormant within the host until they awaken on the host’s 21st birthday. The host of the Darkness carries the seed of Satan and the Darkness himself is known for creating a parade of killers and criminals down through history. The host of the Darkness is also the avatar and Earthly agent of the Incan moon goddess Kilya, from whom he is imbued with the magics of the dark moon. The host can create and control anything he desires with the Darkness, including sentient beings, though anything he creates will crumble to dust in sunlight. The Darkness is quite deadly, allowing the host to call forth Darkling minions and fanged tentacles to eviscerate his opponents. The Darkness can also be used to maul and feed on people. The host is himself very resilient, able to survive gunshots and envelope himself within a magical body armor that protects him from harm and gives him superhuman physical attributes.

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