X-Force Poster # 2 X-Statix Mike Allred FF Doop Anarchist U-Go Girl Orphan


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Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s subversive, media-loving mutants – the world-famous X-Statix – star in a series of bizarre, hilarious and deadly adventures with the most shocking ending ever! See all your favorites – including the Orphan, aka Mister Sensitive, the team’s de facto leader, a suicidal mutant with purple skin and two antennae protruding from his forehead who possessed heightened senses, superhuman speed, and the ability to levitate. U-Go Girl, a blue-skinned, redhead, narcoleptic teleporter who was once romantically linked to Zeitgeist and then to Orphan. Anarchist, the team’s self-proclaimed “token” Black Canadian, whose acid-like sweat enabled him to fire acidic energy bolts. Doop, a green, floating spheroid creature of unknown origins who spoke in a “language” all his own (represented in text by a special font), and who served as X-Force’s cameraman. It was hinted many times that he might have been manipulating the team or that he was trying to control them in some clandestine way but nothing was ever resolved or proven.

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