X-Factor 60 NM X-Tinction Agenda Louise Simonson Cameron Hodge 1st print


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X-Factor (1986 1st Series) #60

Published Nov 1990 by Marvel.

X-Tinction Agenda! Part 3 of 9. “Brotherhood!” Guest-starring the X-Men and New Mutants. Story by Louise Simonson. Art by Jon Bogdanove and Al Milgrom.

Story continued from New Mutants #95. The mad man Cameron Hodge and the nation of Genosha have enslaved their mutant citizens, captured members of the X-Men and New Mutants, and plan to execute the mutant heroes in a public foram. Now, X-Factor, Cable, and Forge rush to try and rescue there friends before it’s too late. Story continues in Uncanny X-Men #271.

Near mint, 1st printing. Check description for more pictures.