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X-Men (1991 1st Series) 95

Published Dec 1999 by Marvel.

Written by Chris Claremont (uncredited script) & Alan Davis (plot).
Art and Cover by Tom Raney & Scott Hanna.

At last, the true identity of Death is revealed–and you won’t believe your eyes! What is his connection to the force that has been stalking the X-Men for months–and what is his interest in Polaris? And while our heroes deal with this crisis, elements from “The Shattering” begin to form a very frightening pattern–one that has dire implications for a group of mutants known only as… The Twelve!

Fiz (First appearance)!!!Marvel’s Secret Invasion: Killian Scott to Play X-Men-Connected Skrull In Disney+ Series (Exclusive)

Marvel Studios’ spy espionage series Secret Invasion may be shrouded in more mystery than any of the studio’s other upcoming projects.

Up until this point, the MCU has done little to set up the Secret Invasion storyline, as the Skrulls have so far been allies to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, fans should prepare for a quick turnaround from that as the shape-shifters begin a disguised invasion of Earth.

Adapting the iconic comic storyline of the same name, Secret Invasion will star Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury alongside Ben Mendelsohn’s Captain Marvel Skrull, Talos . The returning duo will be joined by several new faces including Emilia Clarke , Olivia Colman , Kingsley Ben-Adir , Christopher McDonald , and Killian Scott.

With shooting currently underway in the U.K. , most of the series’ new characters remain shrouded in mystery with no official indication of whom they may be playing. Although given the significance the Skrulls will have in the project, it can be expected at least several will be playing shape-shifting aliens.

While recent reports have offered some insight on several of the series’ characters , new information exclusively obtained by The Direct has suggested one Skrull with X-Men connections may be on his way to the MCU.

According to The Direct’s sources, Scott’s shape-shifter will be named Fiz, a Skrull with comic connections to Professor X and the X-Men in Marvel Comics.

Within Marvel Comics, Fiz is a Mutant Skrull with the ability to reduce and increase his size, on top of the alien race’s usual shape-shifting powers.

After being exiled from the Skrull Empire because of his Mutant abilities, Fiz traveled to Earth where he met and stayed with Charles Xavier. He went on to return to space where he was trained by Professor X before going on to help the X-Men fight Apocalypse and later returning to the depths of space with the other Mutant Skrulls.

Since Charles Xavier and the X-Men have yet to join the MCU, Fiz’s Secret Invasion story will probably take some significant liberties from the Marvel Comics source material. Perhaps the Nick Fury-led espionage thriller will keep Fiz’s Mutant Skrull abilities intact while avoiding his X-Men connections, at least, for now.

However, Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier is rumored to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in May 2022. Granted, Stewart’s role will probably be strictly in a cameo capacity, but it may open the doors to the X-Men being rebooted into the MCU sooner than expected.

Nonetheless, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for Professor X to pop up in Secret Invasion. Stewart’s return to the role is expected to be a one-off, and Marvel Studios will probably introduce its rebooted versions in a Mutant-centric project before tying them into other corners of the MCU.

While the inspiration for Scott’s Skrull has typically been friendly to Earth’s heroes, previous reports indicated he will be a villainous ally of Kingsley Ben-Adir’s mysterious antagonist . So, unless Secret Invasion has some big twists in store for Fiz, it’s entirely possible he may be inspired by his comic counterpart in name only.

With shooting currently underway in the U.K. , Secret Invasion is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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