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Venom, Vol. 1 [Paperback] Rick Remender (Author), Tony Moore (Illustrator), Tom Fowler (Illustrator). Near mint, 1st print. America – meet your newest hero! The lethal alien symbiote known as venom is in the custody of the U.S. military – and with a familiar face from Spider-Man’s world inside the suit, the government’s own personal Spidey is going into action as one of the nation’s top covert agents in hostile territory! Move over Spiderman, Venom is back! I’ve never really had a fondness for the former Spider-Man villian. He was alright in Dark Avengers, and the Venom By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection was disappointing. Then I read Rick Remender’s take on this classic character. Before I begin this review, this is as much about Venom’s current host, Peter Parker’s old school buddy Flash Thompson, as it is about the alien symbiote. Venom is now “controlled” by a government agency. This agency uses the suit to conduct covert missions with Flash Thompson manipulating the suit. There’s a catch, Flash can only wear the suit for 48 hours before Venom completely takes him over. The first arc in this series comprises of issues 1 through 4. The first issue introduces us to the tragic character of Flash, and his desire to help out again. The agency sends him to the Savage Land to stop Vibranium shipments. There, we see him face off against Kraven the Hunter, a slew of enemy operatives, and the suit itself. The fifth issue primarily focuses on the character of Flash himself. This last issue is truly wonderful, as we see the tormented psychology of a desperate character. Remender’s dialogue is great. He really made Flash seem to be a sympathetic character, as well as Venom. The art itself is great, the coloring seems to be off ever once in awhile, but not enough to make this book in the least bit unenjoyable. A large portion of each issue is action scenes. What is odd though is the aren’t ones you can just read through in 5 seconds. Rick Remender made me love Venom. And I’m sure he can make you love him too. Pick this book up and give it a try. Odds are you’ll like it. COLLECTING: VENOM 1-5. Paperback: 120 pages.


Near mint condition, 1st print. Collects Venom 1-5. More pictures in description.