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INFINITY COMPANION HC (MARVEL COMICS) All roads lead to INFINITY! As the Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fearless Defenders, the Superior Spider-Man, Luke Cage’s new Mighty Avengers, Wolverine’s Jean Grey School, the Avengers Academy and more face off against Thanos’ invading hordes on Earth, the war’s second front is fought in deep space – where Spider-Woman and Black Widow plot to rescue Captain Marvel, the Avengers battle the Builders, the new Nova takes on Thanos’ forces with help from the New Warriors and Star-Lord debates betraying the entire universe! Collecting Captain Marvel (2012) #15-16, Thunderbolts (2012) #13-18, Avengers Assemble #18-20, Infinity: The Hunt #1-4, Mighty Avengers (2013) #1-3, Nova (2013) #8-9, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3-4, Infinity: Heist #1-4, Fearless Defenders #10, Secret Avengers (2013) #10-11, Guardians of The Galaxy (2013) #8-9 and Wolverine & The X-Men Annual #1. [(W/A) Kelly Sue Deconnick (Author), Brian Michael Bendis (Author), Charles Soule (Author), Zeb Wells (Author), Scott Hepburn (Illustrator), Pat Oliffe (Illustrator), Jefte Palo (Illustrator), Barry Kitson (CA) Marko Djurdjevic] 688 pages. 1st printing, near mint condition.

I enjoyed the Infinity event…I mean how can you fault a race that even gives Thor pause with the added threat of Thanos to the mix? Thanos attacks Earth while the Avengers are in space trying to stop an alien armada intent on destroying Earth and any civilizations it encounters along the way. Of course, only the main team has left Earth, meaning there are still a host of super-powered people left behind to fight off the Titan. That’s where this Omnibus comes in, without it you will not have the complete Infinity picture!

I love Marvel’s event “companion” collections. These hardcovers are a beautiful and space-saving way to see the full picture without having to collect single issues from every published series that intersect with the event. It’s great to see a large-scale event from the POV of individual characters. The Infinity Companion opens with Captain Marvel’s view of the Avengers attack on the Builder fleet, and then jumps to Spider-Woman’s viewpoint as part of the Avengers Assemble series. This section was excellent, bringing the reader right into the action. Even Nova’s story, which was mostly self-contained, was interesting. The Avengers Academy section was interesting because it gave you a glimpse of what happened to the rest of the team that wasn’t kidnapped by Arcade in Avengers Arena. The remainder of the book, in particular the Secret Avengers section, expands on the only long-term consequence this event has in the Marvel Universe – the expanded Inhuman population. Black Bolt releases the Terrigen mists on the entire planet after Thanos threatens his people, so not only do the heroes have to fight off Thanos’s army, they have to deal with people emerging from cocoons scared and suddenly super-powered. This part has made me eager to read the Inhumanity collection. The book concludes with Kid Gladiator helping defeat the Builder armada. I knew nothing about him before this, but it was so well written I became a fan on the spot. His father rules the Shi’ar empire, which gives him a more specific tie to the event.

Overall, this companion is a mixed bag of issues related to Infinity, but is never-the-less a solid collection and good value for the amount of material it contains. Highly recommended!