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Same Difference & Other Stories Paperback
by Derek Kirk Kim (Author, Artist)

After selling through the self-published run of Same Difference and Other Stories in just a few short months, Derek Kirk Kim proudly moves his debut collection to Top Shelf! Through a series of sensitive – and often hilarious – short stories, Kim deftly explores the not-so-average twenty-something’s quarter-life crisis, romantic neurosis, and a refreshing slice of Korean-American life.

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Top Shelf

Derek Kirk Kim is not only a pretty fantastic artist, but also a great writer as well. The bulk of the book is one story, “Same Difference.” In the story we meet a group of friends discussing where they are in life and when one of them sees an old friend from High School, two of the friends set out on a journey back to home. Along the way they meet back up with old friends from High School and attempt to right a couple of wrongs. Strangely autobiographical, but brilliantly told and illustrated, Derek shows a brief glimpse of life with this story. Other stories included are often short, one or two pages, that seem to illustrate aspects of Derek’s life. Sometimes amusing, sometimes a bit…graphic, but always insightful. Derek’s artwork has matured over the years to where his current style, while stylized in some ways, accurately captures the many nuances of the human face.

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