Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Volume 2 Chameleons HC 1st print NM Bendis Iceman


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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Chameleons Hardcover
Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Art Takeshi Miyazawa, David LaFuente

Spider-Man and his amazing friends, Iceman and the Human Torch, team up to help the newly powered Rick Jones deal with the crazy changes and responsibilities that come with…power. But what side of the coin is Rick Jones on? Is this the birth of a new hero? Or the birth of an ultimate…enemy? Plus, it’s the return of Spider-Woman! And guess who she totally makes out with in this issue! What? Yeah, you heard me!

COLLECTING: Ultimate Spider-Man #7-14 (2009 2nd Series)

Publisher Marvel
Hardcover 188 pages
ISBN-13 978-0785140122
Weight 1.32 pounds
Dimensions 7.25 x 0.5 x 10.5 inches

This book is a rollicking good time! Now that Aunt May’s house is home to not just Peter, but Bobby Drake (Iceman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Pete’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and former girlfriend Kitty Pride (Shadowcat), there never a dull moment as the veritable club of super-heroes. Living, working, and going to school together, this collection of teens have the most interesting lives of any super-powered kids, and the interactions between them that Bendis brings to us are just a whole lot of fun!

This book contains several different story and running plot threads, including the introduction of the “ultimate” version of Rick Jones, the Chameleon twins, Kitty Pride on the run from government agents, Pete’s drama over his girlfriends, and JJJ’s discovery of Peter’s secret identity. It’s jam-packed with great writing, and LaFuente’s artwork is pretty good, too! There’s even a bit of storyline in here that deals with and explains away the basketball-shaped heads that LaFuente had been drawing in his first few issues of the book! Thank goodness that we aren’t seeing Spider-Man with a perfectly round head, anymore!

As usual, Bendis’ work on this book continues to shine, and it is satisfying from start to finish. This book remains one of the few books that I must read from cover to cover once I start in. I hope Bendis never leaves this title!


Near mint, 1st print. Collects Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 7-14. More pictures in description.