Transformers Poster #31 Megatron Starscream vs Optimus Prime Hot Shot Full Stop James Raiz


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Megatron leads Starscream (with Swindle), Demolishor and Cyclonus against Optimus Prime (and his Mini-Con partner Sparkplug) and Hot Shot (with Jolt.) Jolt is Hot Shot’s Mini-Con partner. He’s kind of a geek. Hot Shot is the quintessential young hero. He’s been around long enough to earn a name for himself and a place in Optimus Prime’s entourage, but he’s still too young to know when he’s in over his head. In other words, he’s blunt, overconfident, na├»ve, and more than just a little annoying, yet brave, honorable, loyal to his friends, and willing to risk his life to stop the Decepticons and help the Autobots. With time and experience, Prime believes, he could make an excellent leader, and Prime has appointed him to his command structure accordingly. Hot Shot’s got the goods, but he just needs to pay attention for more than five seconds. Until that day, Hot Shot’s likely response to most anything is, “Yeah yeah, like, whatever.” This is a full sized, rolled original Dreamwave poster! It will ship in a priority USPS poster box! Cover to Transformers Armada # 1 wraparound.

Ships rolled in a poster box.