Daredevil vs Elektra Poster Ultimate Salvador Larroca


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Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios are both students in Columbia University, where they meet and start dating. Murdock is blind and studying law. During the course of the story, Elektra and her roommates are harassed by a rich boy, Trey Langstrom, until Elektra, a martial artist fights back. In response, Langstrom and a group of thugs destroys Elektra’s father’s business. Murdock, also a martial artist and possessor of enhanced senses (which compensate for his blindness), forces the thugs to confess, but couldn’t stop Elektra from seriously wounding Langstrom. While Matt reveals his identity to Elektra, she forces him to choose between their love and his sense of duty. He chooses the second and they apparently part ways.

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