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Thunderhead Underground Falls GN. Creator: by Joel Orff. Description: The March 15th issue of Booklist named Thunderhead Underground Falls a top 10 graphic novel for the year! Jack is a young Army Reservist with one final weekend before shipping out for combat in the Middle East. He and a friend find themselves behind the wheel of his parent’s car, driving further west into a snowy landscape. The book is an exploration of Jack’s flight from his future, as well as an exploration of this place that he’s pledged his life to fight for. Jack wants to experience the simple freedom of taking a drive, and as the hours go by, he begins to consider desertion, but he knows that if he stays to hold onto the life that he knows, it will still be changed forever. Pages: 128. Size: 8×10. Format: Softcover. Publisher: Alternative Comics. B&W.

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