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MARVELS: EYE OF THE CAMERA HC (MARVEL COMICS) Written by KURT BUSIEK Penciled by JAY ANACLETO Cover by JAY ANACLETO The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning publishing sensation that made Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross into stars! News photographer Phil Sheldon’s back, with the man-on-the-street’s perspective on the big events of the Marvel Universe, from the Avengers, the all-new X-Men and the Secret Wars to Dracula and the Werewolf By Night. But this time, Phil’s world is going to be rocked not just by superheroes and super-villains — but by something far more personal, as well. Featuring the Marvel debut of artist Jay Anacleto, whose gorgeous, photorealistic pencil renderings give a new look at the Marvel Universe, and what it would be like to actually be there. Busiek and Alex Ross’ original Marvels has become a modern classic of superhero comics since 1994, and this direct sequel continues news photographer Phil Sheldon’s tour of Marvel history. As he observes the arrival of the vigilante Punisher, growing mutant (i.e., race) hatred targeting the X-Men, and a general mistrust of the selfless heroes he has always admired, the aging newshound sees the world he knew slowly being encompassed by a darker, harsher attitude. The heroes are seldom more than glimpsed at a distance here even as their influence inadvertently rocks the world. Anacleto’s painterly strokes echo the unfortunately absent work of Ross and ground the proceedings with a sense of realism, but it is Busiek, playing to the same strengths on display in his award-winning Astro City, who sells the human story on the outer edge of the heroics. A family man struggling to leave an adequate legacy in the face of terminal cancer, Sheldon’s quiet, simply human doggedness and courage help bring his story to an emotional humdinger of a close. “If you liked Marvels, then Marvels Eye of the Camera is a must-read series for you.” — Collecting MARVELS: EYE OF THE CAMERA #1-6. 144 pages.