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Tales of Ordinary Madness TPB (2004)
Published Feb 2004 by Oni Press.

Written by Malcolm Bourne
Art by Mike Allred
Introduction by Strangers in Paradise creator, Terry Moore.

We all have problems. Every day, our lives are peppered with a little bit of madness, things that push us over the edge and away from our sanity. Take Robert. He knows those eyes are watching him. What eyes? The ones that are everywhere, lurking in every corner, outside every window. Then there’s David, who one day had the irresistible urge to walk out into the middle of traffic. Or Mrs. Yogeswarren, who is so scared of dogs, she has to plan a route ahead of time whenever she wants to go anywhere, just so she can avoid canines of any kind. These are the sorts of people who have to go to the psychiatrist to learn to cope. But what happens when the good doctor begins to identify a little too closely with his patients?

1st printing. Collects Tales of Ordinary Madness (1992 Dark Horse) #1-4. Early work by X-Statix co-creator Mike Allred, is finally brought back to life! Psychologist and writer Malcolm Bourne has crafted a story about the ways the human brain can turn on itself, and one doctor who begins to identify too closely with his patients. Softcover, 112 pages, B&W. Cover price $11.95.

Collects Tales of Ordinary Madness 1-4. Near mint, 1st print.