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In the Super Mario Bros. Power Up Card Game, you must use your wits, deduction skills, and luck to survive the perils of the Mushroom Kingdom. Keep or trade Level cards to avoid having the card with the fewest coins each round, or you might lose and extra life! Play “Block” power-ups to gain an advantage, or try and make it safely to the castle. The last player left with extra lives wins the game!

Product Features:

Contains 52 Level Cards, 20 ? Block Cards, and 50 Extra Life Tokens
Recommended Ages 8+
3 to 8 Players
Gameplay 10 to 30 minutes
Item #: USO CG005435

In the Super Mario Bros. Power Up Card Game, you want to survive the perils of the Mushroom Kingdom and make it safely to the Castle, but to do that, you’ll need to use your wits and deduction skills to figure out how to take out everyone else who might beat you there.

Each round, players receive a secret level card at random, with these cards being numbered 1-12. After looking at their card, each player in order can swap their card with the one held by their right-hand neighbor. Will you get something better? Maybe! If someone has a castle card, they’re immune from trade or disasters this round. After everyone has traded or passed, players can play “? Block” power-ups to affect their strength or others. Whoever has the lowest score in a round loses one of their life tokens, and if you lose all four life, you’re out of the game!


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