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NECA brings us their first series of GeOms based on Pulp Fiction. What are GeOms? NECA’s version of mini-figures, of course! Mini-figures are to toy companies what pet rocks were to kids in the 70’s – everyone has to have one. With round heads, sculpted hair, painted faces and squarish bodies and limbs, they are similar to other mini-figures, yet have their own twists. The Pulp Fiction line includes four sets of four figures each – the Cast, Overdose, The Gimp, and Clean Up. 4 unique figure sets include…The Cast – Starring Vince, Jules, Mia, and Marcellus. Clean Up – Starring Bloody Vince, Bloody Jules, Jimmy, and The Wolf. The Gimp – Starring Butch, Marcellus, Zed, and The Gimp. Overdose – Starring Vince, Mia, Lance, and Jody. Each set comes in a sturdy box with die cut window showing off the figures. The graphics are solid, although the same across all four sets. The text varies for each box, telling you the specific characters inside. This listing is for Overdose which includes a syringe, a bag of heroin and a bowl of cereal. Box has some minor scratches. Never been opened.


Boxes have some minor scratches. Never been opened.