Marvel Bust Paperweight: Spider-Man Black Venom Costume by Monogram NEW IN PACKA


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Marvel Bust Paperweight: Spider-Man Black Costume by Monogram. New in package. Don’t let your office space be taken over by monotony the way Spider-Man’s been taken over by the Symbiote! Fight against dull desks and boring bookshelves with this exciting Spider-Man Paperweight Statue of Spidey in his alternate black Symbiote suit. Standing 9-inches high and made from roto plastic, the impeccable attention to detail makes this Bust an excellent addition (or beginning) to any Spider-Man collection. Adorn your desk with this Spider-Man Paperweight. This durable, highly detailed polystone resin bust paperweight features the Amazing Spider-Man in an action pose. Measures approximately 5 inches high. The Spider-Man Paperweight Black Costume is a cold cast resin sculpture measuring approximately 5” tall. Originally, during the Secret Wars, Spider-Man replaced his extensively damaged costume with a black alien symbiote; the suit’s negative influence ultimately forced Peter Parker to disentangle himself, although he had no way of knowing that the symbiote would merge with Eddie Brock to create Venom. Much later, Spider-Man’s decision to return to the black costume, associated with the aggressive persona triggered by the Black Symbiote, is reflective of turmoil. Regretting his decision to publicly resister his identity and shaken by the sight of a prison for the unregistered superhumans, Spider-Man left the Avengers Tower with his family, bringing about conflict with the staunchly pro-registrant Iron Man. A jailbreak at the aforementioned prison resulted in one of the most calamitous battles of the Civil War, in the aftermath of which Spider-Man retained his standing as a member of the unsanctioned Avengers. Item # 67104


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