Spider-Man Poster #11 WATERDAMAGEby Tim Sale Blue


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The following poster has slight water damage. Water got on it at some point and the pages stuck together, causing there to be a spot. On some it’s hardly noticable…if you plan to hang it up you’ll probably never notice. Item has been priced accordingly. Tim Sale: “Spidey was my favorite hero growing up, the first one I loved after falling for comics when I was 13. The (John) Romita run, issues 39 to 50 in particular. The soap opera of Peter Parker’s life, the pretty girls and all the beginning-to-notice-each-other, does-she-like-me stuff especially. And the run of villains in those issues is rivaled only by Batman’s: Kraven, the Vulture, Rhino, the Lizard … and, yes, I love the Shocker – but mostly for his costume. Romita was inking his own stuff for the most part, and using a thin line, which I love. And everybody is so pretty, even the guys. It’s like he was drawing a romance comic. And Stan (Lee) was at his verbose, cornball, 35-year-old-guy-trying-to-write-teenager-speak best.”

Water damage not seen in photos.