Spider-Man 2099 Volume 3 Smack to the Future TP NM Peter David Sliney 1st print


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WRITER Peter David
ARTIST Will Sliney
COVER Francesco Mattina
120 pages

He’s the Spider-Man of the future, trapped in the here-and-now. And as far as Miguel O’Hara is concerned, that means he can hang up the webs. After all, he has a job at Parker Industries, a stable relationship and no way of knowing what harm his actions in the present have on the future era he left behind.

But when a dangerous new threat shatters Miguel’s world, a Spidey suit is the only answer. An All-New Spidey suit, that is – and just wait until you see what it can do! Doctor Cronos is about to find out exactly that – the hard way. But what connection does this new villain have with Miguel’s lost home?

And what deadly future fugitive could inspire a team-up today between the Spider-Man and Captain America of 2099?

Collecting Spider-Man 2099 (2015) #1-5 and material from Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1.

This was a lot of fun and is a great continuation of the story that Peter David set into motion prior to “Secret Wars.” I would say that David’s “Secret War” tie-in series, “Secret Wars 2099,” is required reading before reading this volume.

Now working for Parker Industries, Miguel has a new, exciting work life to go along with the advances in his personal life. Plus, he has a new Spider-Man costume, and I really like the new design.

A new villain is introduced, and some familiar faces from “Secret Wars 2099” unexpectedly appear. How did they get on this world? The answers aren’t in this collection, but the seeds are planted for what will hopefully be a satisfying payoff.


Collects Spider-Man 2099 (2015) 1-5 and material from All-New, All-Different Point One # 1. Near mint condition, 1st printing.