Sheena Queen of the Jungle 1 NM Blank Authentix Cover Dynamite Bennett Trujillo

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Writer: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo
Art: Moritat
September 2017, 32 Pages
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The Blank Authentix Edition – available only as a variant for Sheena #1- features the same great story, but with a blank cover for you to get your favorite artist to draw their version of the Jungle Queen!

When a dangerous group of mercenaries sent by Cadwell Industries accuses her village of murdering one of their men, Sheena is forced to make a deal. To save her home, Sheena now has twenty-four hours to find the missing man alive; if she fails, the mercenaries will attack-and they take no prisoners. But Sheena is not the only one hunting for the missing man…

Thanks to the success of “Wonder Woman” on the big screen, Millennium Films continues to develop another live-action reboot of “Sheena Queen Of The Jungle”, noted as the first female character to receive her own comic book title in 1938:

Sheena is the young daughter of African explorer Cardwell Rivington’. On a safari with his daughter, Cardwell dies from drinking a magic potion made by the witch doctor ‘Koba’. Koba then raises the young girl as his daughter, teaching her ‘the ways of the jungle’. The adult Sheena, dancing to the beat of a different drummer, eventually earns the title “Queen of the Jungle and acquires a monkey sidekick named ‘Chim’…”

Sheena has been previously depicted on screen by actress Irish McCalla in a TV series (1955), Tanya Roberts in a feature (1984) and Gena Lee Nolin in a TV reboot (2000).


Bagged and boarded, near mint condition. 1st printing. More pictures may be in description.