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Devil May Cry (2004) #1B

Published Feb 2004 by Dreamwave Productions
Written by Brad Mick
Art by Pat Lee
Cover – CGI Cover
Full Color, 40pg

Dante leaps from the video game screen to the comic page in Dreamwave’s new series Devil May Cry.

In this issue, Trish gets the lowdown on the enigmatic Dante, as we watch the half demon/half human gun-for-hire do what he does best–but is it enough when this merc with a mouth goes blow-for-blow against the demon lord known as Phantom?

Dreamwave kicks off of the super cool DEVIL MAY CRY series! Pick up Book One: Evil Woman, as it hits comic book stores everywhere. Readers for the first time, will get the chance to experience the enigmatic Dante, half demon, half human gun-for-hire doing what he does best – on paper, in a 40-page comic, prestige formatted with high rendered pages.

This Issue #1, the first of the 4 part mini-series written by Brad Mick and penciled by Pat Lee, will feature one Pat Lee cover as well as a CG cover for gamers. Also a feature in this first issue, is an interview with DMC’s original producers and creators from Capcom Japan. Want to know where the world of DMC came from? Then pick up this issue to find out.

“A lot of the guys here, including myself, are Capcom freaks!” said Dreamwave man-in-charge Pat Lee. “We were interested in Devil May Cry because we thought it was a really interesting concept for a comic book. So we contacted Capcom and showed them some pieces of Dante art, and they were excited about it, and it just sprung from there! We want to make sure that we’re doing these properties justice, because we’re big game fans, and we have a good understanding of the properties from an artistic level and from a storytelling level.”

Book 1: Evil Woman
A prologue depicts Sparda’s fateful battle against Mundus 2000 years ago. Afterward, Dante is introduced, and Trish enters his life. The events from Dante’s arrival on Mallet Island through his battle with Phantom are covered in this issue.

On February 28, 2011, Screen Gems (which made Resident Evil into a film series) had purchased feature-film rights to the Devil May Cry series. Kyle Ward was hired to write the screenplay for the film (based on DmC: Devil May Cry), which would be Dante’s origin story. No news has emerged about the project’s status.

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