Peter Parker Spider-Man 9 NM VENOM RETURNS!!! Howard Mackie John Romita Jr


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Peter Parker Spider-Man (1999) #9

Published Sep 1999 by Marvel.

cover by john romita jr. howard mackie/john romita jr./scott hanna. He¹s baaaaack! It¹s the return of Venom! The awful telephone calls continue?driving Mary Jane away from home?and from her husband, Peter Parker! It seems that MJ can¹t cope with real life, and this time even Peter¹s amazing powers can¹t help her! And then, just when things couldn¹t get worse, Eddie Brock walks back into the Parkers¹ life?and that means the fiendish foe named Venom can¹t be far behind! Or does it? Last we saw, the symbiote had split from its human host?so is something even more terrifying on the way?! Don¹t miss the shocking return of Spider-Man¹s arch-foe! Venom drawn by John Romita Jr.? Cooooool! FC.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 20+ years, one owner!