Pet Semetary Two Pin-up # 2 MAT FRAMED Jared Rushton returns from the dead!


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This is a small pin-up with a white mat 10×8 frame. Very lightweight, pretty small…priced accordingly.

Pet Sematary Two is a 1992 horror film directed by Mary Lambert. The screenplay was written by Richard Outten. It is the sequel to the 1989 film Pet Sematary. The film stars Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards and Clancy Brown.

Following the accidental death of his mother Renee during production of her latest film, thirteen-year-old Jeff Matthews and his veterinarian-father Chase move to the Maine town of Ludlow. Jeff learns about the Creed family, and about the cursed Indian burial ground. His friend Drew’s dog, Zowie, is fatally shot by Gus Gilbert – Drew’s stepfather, who also happens to be the town sheriff – for chasing Gus’s pet rabbits. It doesn’t help that Gus was in love with Renee 20 years ago; ever since she turned him down to marry Chase, Gus has been venting his ire on everything and everybody around him.

Jeff and Drew bury Zowie at the Indian cemetery, in order to bring the dog back to life. It works, with some side effects: Zowie is uncharacteristically fierce; the dog’s eyes have an unnatural glow to them, even in daylight.

Jared Rushton as Clyde Parker.

Clyde is the school bully, murdered by Gus. Gus drags Clyde’s body off to the cursed burial ground: “I’m takin’ you up the hill, Clyde, buddy. That’s the way the Indians did it”.

THE TWO FRAMED PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Those photos are shown only to give you an idea of what your matted pin-up would look like with one of my in-stock frames. Contact me for price. They make a wonderful gift!

Pin-up will be glued to mat. Frame available, please inquire.