Official Xbox Magazine 121 Apr 2011 Darkness 2 Covr Skyrim Deus Ex Final Fantasy



DUKE NUKEM FOREVER: We [BLEEPED] the hell out of it! (And you will, too.) It’s the return of the king, and we’ve got a royal exclusive with hands-on details for both campaign and multiplayer modes. Plus: an exclusive first look at The Darkness II; blowout coverage of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; previews of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Silent Hill: Downpour; and an exhaustive four page review of Dragon Age II. Final Fantasy XIII-2 article, Deus Ex Human Revolution article, Silent Hill Downpour article, Dark Souls three page article, Lord of the Rings War in the North article, Dead Island article, seven page Duke Nukem Forever article, Darkness 2 five page article, Skyrim eight page article, Dragon Age 2 four page review, Fight Night Champion review, Torchlight review, Swarm review, Bulletstorm review, Stacking review, Extra Lives author interview, DISK NOT INCLUDED.