Game Informer 286 NM Top 50 Games 2016 Sonic Mania Super Mario Run Last Guardian



Address printed on back cover. Three page article on Sony’s PSX event, six page article on how videogames are tackling intimacy, two page Oculus Touch Review, thirty page Top 50 Games of 2016 ariticle with a two page article for Game of the Year Overwatch, two page preview for For Honor, Death Stranding article, Mass Effect Andromeda preview, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite preview, Dreadnought preview, Nier Automata preview, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild preview, Sonic Mania preview, Uncharted The Lost Legacy preview, Last Of Us Part II preview, Knack 2 preview, Tales of Berseria preview, Dauntless preview, Eternal preview, Absolver preview, Dead Rising 4 two page review, Final Fantasy XV two page review, The Last Guardian two page review, Steep review, Walking Dead A New Frontier Ties That Bind Parts 1 & 2 review, Let It Die review, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue review, Planet Coaster review, Super Mario Run review and much more!

Address printed on back cover. Near mint condition.

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