Comics Buyer’s Guide 1679 Jul 2011 Green Lantern’s Evolution Cvr DC Animated P D


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Comics Buyer’s Guide #1679
Published Jul 2011 by DynaPubs

The world’s longest-running magazine about comics continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary! In this issue: Green Lantern’s Evolution: From Magic to Science and Beyond! Also: Test your comics trivia knowledge with Mr. Silver Age! Plus: DC’s Animated Video Library Reviewed; Tony’s Tips; Obligatory Fight Scene; Who Was Who in the Four-Color Funnies; Full Frontal Nerdity; and views, reviews, commentary and market analysis you can’t get anywhere else!

Green Lantern article, Peter’s David’s But I Digree Column, a price guide and TONS of comic and graphic novel reviews!

Saddle-stitched, 8-in. x 10 1/2-in., 56 pages, B&W.

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