Letter 44 Volume 1 Escape Velocity TP NM Charles Soule Oni Press SyFy TV Series



Letter 44 Vol. 1: Escape Velocity, Square One Edition Paperback
Writer Charles Soule
Art Alberto Alburquerque, Guy Major

The hit series from Charles Soule (Poe Dameron, Daredevil) and Alberto Jiménez Alberquerque (Mystery Girl)!

Newly-elected president Stephen Blades hoped to tackle the most critical issues facing the nation: war, the economy, and a failing health care system. But in a letter penned by the outgoing president, Blades learns the truth that redefines “critical”: seven years ago, NASA discovered alien presence in the asteroid belt, and kept it a secret from the world.

A stealth mission crewed by nine astronauts was sent to make contact, and they’re getting close—assuming they survive the long journey to reach their destination. President Blades has just become the most powerful man on the planet. This planet.

“Letter 44 is a great read! It presents a very plausible, well-researched scenario on how NASA-or an entity like it-might mount an extensive, high-stakes space exploration mission to save mankind. The story touches on design and construction, astronaut selection, challenges of lengthy manned space travel and even the political influences that have an all-too-real effect on space budgeting and planning. I’m a fan!” Ed Stanton, NASA Orion Engineer, Kennedy Space Center

Publisher Oni Press
Paperback 160 pages
ISBN-13 978-1620103883
Weight 15.2 ounces
Dimensions 6.63 x 0.5 x 10.19 inches

This series of graphic novels is amazing and utterly unique. I have never read anything like this series. HIGHLY recommend this to any sci-fi fans!

There are two main stories going on in the graphic novel, Letter 44. They intertwine and they parallel nicely.

One story is about Stephen Blades who has just been sworn in as the new President of the United States. He’s a no-nonsense guy who is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work in a country that is currently in two wars and has an economy on the verge of collapse. But as he enters the office on his first day he is presented with a letter from the previous, 44th, President. In the letter, Blades learns that almost seven years prior, NASA discovered an alien presence in a near-by (relatively speaking) asteroid belt. A ship with a nine-person crew was launched to investigate, though the news of the alien and the launch were never made public.

Though news of this alien life and the heroic crew investigating the aliens changes Blades’ thoughts on what requires his attention most, there are still local activities that require executive decisions and oversight. Meanwhile, the astronauts have their own concerns. Finding and then contacting the alien life is only a minor problem for a team in a ship needing constant maintenance, while on a one-way trip with the female commander now expecting a child.

There is a lot going on this story … a LOT. But author Charles Soule handles the various stories and sub-plots with an enviable ease. Each scene is kept brief and moves the story forward just as a well-written story should. It seems surprising to actually comment on this, but there are so many stories I’ve read that don’t seem to understand this. Too often we spend a lot of time getting to know the characters or the world that the story is set in. Soule delivers the story and through it, we get to know the characters and all we need to know about this world that has a President Blades.

The art is good – not excellent, but it generally serves the story well. The style is a slightly stylized realistic. Not quite as stylized as some I’ve seen recently but not as realistic as the Dresden File graphic novels either.

I got sucked into the story pretty quickly and the pace and the story-building kept me there. The art held its own, but it truly is the story that made this piece work.

Looking for a good book? Letter 44 is a graphic novel with roots in the earth but which reaches out to the stars. It is compelling and exciting and an excellent read.

SyFy Is Adapting Ronin, Pax Romana, Letter 44, and Clone For Television

SyFy is developing Letter 44 as an ongoing television series. Letter 44 began being published at Oni Press last October. The series centers on a recently inaugurated President of the United States who learns that the United States found an alien construction project hidden in the asteroid belt and sends a crew of astronauts to investigate. Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3) will write, direct, and produce the pilot.


Collects Letter 44 1-6. Near mint condition, please see description for more pictures.