Hulk # 6 NM John Byrne Ron Garney Man-Thing


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Incredible Hulk (1999 2nd Series) #6
Published Sep 1999 by Marvel.

cover by ron garney & dan green john byrne/ron garney/ dan green Its mud-wrasslin time with the macabre Man-Thing! With blood on his hands, The Hulk is out of control and more dangerous than ever before! And when the green goliath hides out in the Florida Everglades he realizes that he isnt safe anywhere. Something is there? something sentient and deadly?and were not talking about the Man-Thing (although he shows up, too)! In a turn away from the soap opera norm of modern super hero comics, Byrnes story is injected with a bit of dream-like mystery, appropriate for what has always been, at root, a monster comic… certainly worth a look. –Ginchy! The Comics Zine FC.

Got Milk promo still bound inside issue. Near mint condition. 1st print.