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Fear Itself: Heroes for Hire [Paperback, NEAR MINT, 1st print] Dan Abnett (Author), Andy Lanning (Author), Brad Walker (Illustrator), Tim Seely (Illustrator), Kyle Hotz (Illustrator). Freed from the Puppet Master’s malevolent mind control, former detective and current superhuman handler Misty Knight sets out to restore Heroes for Hire’s reputation – and her newest recruit is none other than Spider-Man! But when Spidey finds himself at odds with Batroc the Leaper, a powered-up Scorpion and some Savage Land dinos, Misty, the sureshooting Paladin and the supernatural Satana will have to save the web-slinging superstar before he becomes the lizards’ lunch! Then, the Heroes for Hire – joined by the eclectic trio of Elektra, Shroud and Gargoyle – are caught in the grip of Fear Itself as they confront the hammer-wielding, deity-possessed Thing on Yancy Street…not to mention the new threat known simply as Monster! Faced with their secret nightmares, can Misty’s crew dig deep – or is their new operation already over? Features Batroc the Leaper and Purple Man! Includes a three page DnA interview! COLLECTING: HEROES FOR HIRE 6-12. 160 pages.


Near mint, 1st print. Collects Heroes for Hire 6-12. More pictures in description.