Frankenstein Mobster # 0 NM Image 1st print Mark Wheatley Adam Hughes Cover


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Frankenstein Mobster (2003 Image) #0B
Published Oct 2003 by Image

(W/A) Mark Obie Wheatley
(Cover B) Adam Hughes

The best cop. Three of the worst mobsters. One sewn together body: This is the Frankenstein Mobster. Four souls at war with themselves. Who will be in control? Inspired by 1930’s gangster and horror movies. Featuring the up-to-date female detective, Terri Todd. Set in a city where the lower class are monsters; vampires, mummies, and ghouls. A city that is corrupt to the core, where the mobs hold power over the cops and every citizen.

THIS ISSUE: Somewhere in the night a man is being sewn together. Meanwhile, detective Terri Todd, is drawn into an illicit effort to rescue a kidnaped girl. The girl’s father is a Mummy. He drives a taxi. He smells like mold and the rain doesn’t help. With the aid of a vampire, a witch and several sexy Medusas, they bust mobster heads and get caught in hails of bullets. While the clock ticks and a little girl’s life hangs in balance.

Full color, 32pages.

Near mint, 1st print.