Deadpool Poster #37 vs The Walrus The Unworthy! Ryan Stegman


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Memo to Deadpool: next time you gussy up a loser villain so you can beat him easily and scam people out of their hard earned money, make sure you don’t accidentally actually make him more powerful than you. Of course, that assumes you’ll be willing to show your face after getting beaten by the now-unstoppable-but-still-incredibly-lame Walrus. . The Walrus is Hubert Carpenter, a supervillain and foe of Spider-Man. He wears a costume that resembles a walrus (or a giant plush toy) and despite being physically strong, proved to be completely inept and pointless. Where most supervillains are interested in stealing money or taking over the world, the Walrus was content with mindless property damage. He considered his role as a supervillain as that of a “mass-destructionist”. Hubert claimed to have the proportionate speed, strength, and agility of a walrus. However, he demonstrated little evidence of superhuman powers as a walrus is neither fast nor agile on land; his speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance seemed to be inferior to that of a normal human. The Walrus did demonstrate feats that would require enhanced strength and resistance to damage. He was actually able to hit Spider-Man with sufficient force to knock him flying and rip a metal lamp post in half, as well as withstanding razor sharp and explosive carrots fired at him by the White Rabbit as a test. It was revealed that he had been mutagenically altered by his uncle with walrus DNA, which would presumably add certain walrus characteristics to his physiology, such as a layer of blubber to keep him warm in freezing water and the ability to hold his breath for a much longer time than a human. None of these abilities would be very useful to a supervillain who never goes anywhere near water; however, the layer of blubber could explain his resistance to injury.

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