Punisher Poster # 6 by Wieslaw Walkuski Born Frank Castle Origin Movie


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To the world at large, Frank Castle went to war after his family was murdered. The truth is far different. In the jungles of Cambodia, against hordes of screaming Viet Cong, a man falls in love with war, and puts a price on his very humanity. The Punisher is truly BORN. Born documents Frank Castle’s time in Vietnam as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps during his final tour in Vietnam in 1971. The story is told primarily through the eyes of Stevie Goodwin, a marine counting down the days of his service and Frank Castle, a tough Captain with a finely honed killer instinct and survival skills. The story chronicles a crucial 4-day period of the platoon stationed at Firebase Valley Forge, a remote strategic outpost on the South Vietnamese-Cambodian border.

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