Darkness Poster # 8 Darkling Poker Dale Keown Royal Flush


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Royal flush, an unbeatable hand. And this is an unbeatable piece! Darklings are necroplasmic sentient manifestations of The Darkness; a veritable legion of countless Demons who serve, assist, fight for/with, protect, and instruct their host in the ways of The Darkness. Darklings can communicate telepathically with themselves and their host. They possess superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, and healing factor; able to tear Humans to shreds and lift cars with ease, withstand and quickly recover from gunfire and other severe wounds, they move with blurring speed well over 5 miles an hour and are capable of animalistic feats of agility and can scale any surface. They possess superior senses and night vision. They can shapeshift between Demon and Human forms. They can teleport anywhere in the shadows.

Near mint condition.