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Crimson (1998) #2B.DF.CHROME

Published Jun 1998 by Image
Dynamic Forces Exclusive “Crimsonchrome” Edition
Certificate of Authenticity
Limited to 10,000 copies (numbered 5953)
Script by Bryan Augustyn, Humberto Ramos (story concepts), Francisco Haghenbeck (story concepts), and Oscar Pinto (story concepts)
Pencils by Humberto Ramos
Inks by Sandra Hope and Chris Elarmo (assists)
36 pgs, full color

“Unlife Story,”
Alex Elder is angry and confused; He is adapting to his new vampire condition, discovering that he possesses powers beyond his imagination; Now he is ready to explore a new world hiding in the shadows—and to take on the guys responsible for his death, the “Jelly-Bats” gang, only this time things have changed!

Crimson revolves around a young man named Alex Elder who is attacked by a gang of vampires while out late with his friends. Bitten, Alex is saved by Ekimus, the last of an ancient race pre-dating humanity, who claims Alex is “The Chosen One.” Alex becomes the first and last of his kind, gaining powers beyond that of a normal vampire, who is destined to bring the end to vampirekind. The series follows Alex as he adjusts to life as a vampire and shoulders the responsibilities of being a hero. The comic features not only vampires, but werewolves and other supernatural beings and elements, as well as Biblical themes and deities.

Main characters
Alex Elder – the protagonist. A sixteen-year-old teenager who on a night out with friends is ambushed by a savage vampire gang. He is saved by Ekimus, who feeds Alex his blood and turns him into “The Chosen One”: a vampire endowed with magical powers so as to destroy all other vampires, and who is chronicled to save the world from the coming apocalypse.
Ekimus – a wise, repentant, and ancient being known as a “Grigori”, who guides Alex in his new life as a vampire. He is known as the source of all vampirism throughout the world.
Scarlet Thinbault X – a female operative and daughter of “The Order of the Red Hood”; a family-led organisation dedicated to hunting and destroying demonic creatures. She befriends Alex and later becomes his love interest.
JosĂ© – nicknamed “Joe”. A Mexican Indian vampire who becomes Alex’s street mentor and best friend.
Lisseth – the main antagonist, and Ekimus’ former lover. She is coined “The Mother of All Vampires”, bent on bringing about the apocalypse and ruling all of creation.
Victor Van Fleet – a U.S. senator and powerful vampire lord with aspirations for the presidency. He is allied with Lisseth.

One of the biggest fan-favorite horror comic book series from the ’90s is Crimson, a supernatural epic filled with vampires, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night years before the Underworld and Twilight franchises. Created by Humberto Ramos and Brian Augustyn, with story concepts by F.G. Haghenbeck and Oscar Pinto, the series launched under the Image Comics’ imprint Cliffhanger!, a subdivision of Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Entertainment co-created by Ramos. Following Wildstorm’s acquisition by DC Comics, the series transitioned directly under Wildstorm for the remainder of its run before the license moved to Boom! Studios.

Launched in 1998, Crimson followed the story of teenager Alex Elder who is violently ambushed by vampires while enjoying a night out on the town with his friends. As he lays dying from the blood-sucking bite, Alex is rescued by Ekimus, a member of the Grigori, an ancient vampiric race predating humanity and the source of all modern vampires on Earth. Believing Alex to be the prophesied one to permanently end vampirism, Ekimus has Alex feed on his blood to cause him to rise as a new sort of vampire.

Under Ekimus’ tutelage, Alex learns he has powers exceeding that of normal vampires and prepares to avert a coming demonic apocalypse. Alex befriends an indigenous Mexican named Joe who helps show him the ropes and finds an ally in Scarlet Thinbault X, the last in the line of the Order of the Red Hood, a family dedicated to eliminating demonic threats. They are opposed by the ancient vampire Lisseth and Senator Victor Van Fleet, a vampire who plans to become President of the United States.

As the series progresses, the scope of the conflict expands from merely involving a war between vampires to a much larger one involving the forces of Heaven and Hell for the fate of Earth and humanity. This culminates with demonic dragons being unleashed on Earth and nearly wiping out civilization, including Alex’s friends Zophie and George. With Lisseth was successfully defeated, Alex sets out to find the Holy Grail and restore his humanity while Scarlet enters a convent.

However, the final issue ends with the twist that Joe is relating the entire story of the comic to someone drinking with him in a bar. Incredulous that vampires, angels, and demons are real, the two exit the bar with Joe suffering no ill effects despite the sunlight and passing a homeless man who resembles Van Fleet who had been killed in the final apocalyptic battle. As the series come to a close, it raises the question whether it was all a drunk story made up by Joe or if it actually occurred at all.

Crimson created a spellbinding battle between good and evil that blended superhero action and scope with supernatural horror effectively while dramatically increasing the stakes. The story’s emotional core lies with Alex’s relationships with his friends and mentors, something that it always keeps in sight even as it ratchets up the apocalyptic intensity.

And in addition to Augustyn’s tight scripting, what especially elevates Crimson above its horror comics counterparts is Ramos’ haunting art. With kinetic action sequences, atmospheric environments, and truly epic scope, the fan-favorite artist brought his A-game to the title after honing his work illustrating Impulse for DC Comics.

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