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Incredible Hulk vs. Venom (1994) #1

Published Apr 1994 by Marvel
Cover pencils by Jim Craig
Script by Peter David
Pencils by Jim Craig
Inks by Bill Anderson, Dan Day, and David Day

“Rockin’ the Town!,”
Hulk and Venom beat on each other a bit before teaming up to try and track down a nutjob villain who is trying to hold New York ransom with the threat of earthquakes. One-shot mail order offer premium comic that was never sold in retail stores. 36 pgs., full color.

What first appears to be another average day for Barney, the mail clerk at KLX TV, completely changes when he screens a letter from someone calling himself Doctor Bad Vibes, threatening to destroy the city of San Francisco with a powerful earthquake. He turns it over to anchor Ariel O’Hare for her 12:30 news report. Ariel thinks it’s a crank letter, but Barney convinces her to run with the story anyway, based on the bad nom de plum of the villain. Elsewhere in the city, Eddie Brock stands outside a electronics store watching the newscast from the televisions on display. Inside the store, the owner Bee Jay argues with his wife Beatrice over a case of near-infidelity. The couple fight, and Beatrice storms out of the shop in tears. Brock walks past this domestic argument and past an alley, there he spots a young man named Skip trying to help his girlfriend Tammy sneaking out of a window. When they notice Brock watching them, Skip tells him to mind his own business. The two then hop into Skip’s car and drive off with Skip assuring Tammy that he will have her back before anyone notices that she is gone.

As Ariel goes into her report about the threats of Doctor Bad Vibes, she scoffs about the threat on air, but suddenly at 12:05, per the threat, the city begins to shake. Eddie Brock, hearing screams and feeling the earthquake, commands his symbiote to transform him into Venom. As the street crumbles, Skip’s car falls into the hole and is surrounded by fire caused by burst gas mains. Seeing that Tammy is trapped in the car, Venom comes to her rescue, pulling the door off the hinges to get her out. When Skip complains to “Spider-Man” about the damage he has done to the car, Venom responds by dropping the vehicle into the flaming rubble.

About another hour later, KLX TV gets another letter from Doctor Bad Vibes, this time he demands a ransom of $20 million dollars or else he will unleash another massive earthquake. When this news is reported, Bee Jay’s electronics store window is smashed by looters who begin grabbing his display televisions. They are scared off by Venom, who then tries to help an elderly woman free her husband who has been trapped under the rubble only to discover that the man had died. When people call for help after seeing a “monster”, Venom decides to go and investigate. Around the corner. he finds the Hulk and hearing him talking about smashing things, believes that the Hulk is Doctor Bad Vibes. Venom attacks the Hulk and is surprised to discover that he is not the inarticulate brute he was meant to be. The Hulk explains that he was playing it up for the “rubes” and the two quickly come to blows.

Back at the KLX newsroom, Ariel O’Hare is interviewing Professor Hinkley who isn’t convinced that Doctor Bad Vibes is actually responsible for the earthquakes and expresses his opinion on how irresponsible that they are giving someone, probably a lunatic with a cardboard box labeled “earthquake machine”, a soapbox to make his demands. Ariel then asks a local psychic named Madame Star, the psychic gives a vague response that affirms that there will be another earthquake but not when. When the Professor points out her vague response and the fact that earthquakes are common because they are on the San Andreas fault, Madame Star makes him face-palm when she admits to not knowing who “Sam Andreas” is. Meanwhile, the Hulk and Venom continue their brawl on the streets. The Hulk gains the upper hand by clapping his hands together, the loud sound vibrations weakening Venom’s symbiote. The Hulk pummels Venom, and when both men try to explain that they have changed and are trying to help, they both realize that they are in the same situation.

The pair go to KLX TV where the interrupt a report about how the mayor is going to give into Doctor Bad Vibe’s demands and threaten to beat him up. When the station goes to commercial, Ariel scolds them for doing something so rash. However, their gamble works because Doctor Bad Vibes has just called the station. After screening the call, the Hulk then plugs the phone line into his Pantheon wrist band and traces the call. Ariel O’Hare convinces the two heroes to allow her to accompany them for the exclusive report. When they arrive at Doctor Bad Vibe’s house, they discover that he was just a crank with a cardboard box with “earthquake machine” printed on it. Realizing that Doctor Bad Vibe’s scheme was only working thanks to legitimate earthquakes they decide to leave. Although Ariel O’Hare thinks this entire ordeal was a waste of time, Venom sees Bee Jay and his wife makeup and thinks that it wasn’t entirely pointless.

Venom mentions that he has a “soft spot” for reporters. He is referring to his career before being Venom as first seen in Web of Spider-Man #18.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.