Captain America Poster #60 Avengers Invaders Thor Iron Man Bryan Hitch


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Thor, Mockingbird, Human Torch, Toro, Namor, Thing, Wolverine, Iron Man, Ms.Marvel, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Luke Cage…looking back at Captain America’s history with the Invaders and Avengers! “Cap” (the nickname he came to affectionately be called) spent World War II punching, kicking and defeating Nazis, Japanese, and other Axis members. In addition to help from Bucky, he battled the Axis forces alongside other Marvel (Timely) stalwarts: the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch as a group called the Invaders. Captain America was revived by one of his original co-creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee during 1964 in issue #4 of the Avengers. This was the start of Cap as we know him. He became an instant hit and was soon leading the Avengers. He has since become one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe and even transcended comics becoming a true American icon.

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