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Brinke Stevens (born Charlene Elizabeth Brinkman; September 20, 1954) is an American actress, model and writer. Born in San Diego, California, Stevens has studied several foreign languages, including Esperanto, and gained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Marine Biology from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California. Initially intending to study dolphin communication, she was instead tossed out of Scripps for doing “forbidden research” on dolphin communication, largely to do with the Navy’s use of dolphins in undersea weapons research at the time. While going to a modeling assignment, Stevens was discovered by accident by a producer who cast her in a film as an extra. Stevens has appeared in over 100 movies, primarily in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy film genres. From her long list of acting credits she has gained notoriety as a scream queen, to the extent that she was once the subject of a Jeopardy! answer: “Brinke Stevens is known by this semi-rhyming title.” (Question: What is a Scream Queen?). The Jeopardy! question was asked during the Scripps Institution of Oceanography special. In addition to acting, Stevens has co-written a number of screenplays, co-produced two documentaries, and served as an onset decorator. In one of her scripts, Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots, Stevens pokes fun at the B-Movie industry and spoofs some of her own films. Stevens portrayed Julie Quinn, mother of serial killer Wayne Montgomery, in the 2007 horror film Head Case. This was the first time she had ever acted in an improvisational film. She reprised her role in the two sequels, 2009’s The Ritual and 2010’s Post-Mortem. More recently she has appeared in a 2009 documentary Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror and will appear in the 2013 remake of Die Sister, Die!. Just some of the movies she’s appeared in: The Three Amigos!, This is Spinal Tap, Nightmare Sisters, Cheerleader Massacre, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Body Double, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, Transylvania Twist, My Lovely Monster, Bad Girls from Mars, Mommy, Repligator, Droid Gunner, Munchie and Teenage Exorcist.

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