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Alias Vol. 3: The Underneath Paperback
by Brian Michael Bendis (Author), Michael Gaydos (Artist)

Jessica investigates Spider-Woman, a woman who may have more in common with Jessica than just her first name. Plus: J. Jonah Jameson hires Jessica to find out Spider-Man’s secret identity. Collects ALIAS #10, 16-21.

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Marvel

In this volume, containing issues 10 & 16-21, Bendis finally makes full use of the promise of Alias – exploring the seamy underside of the Marvel universe. The plot centers on Jessica’s pursuit of the girl recently known as Spider-Woman, after said arachnid breaks into her apartment. We also have appearances by the first Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and a hilarious cameo by Speedball.

As always, Bendis does a tremendous job of balancing the drama and mystery with Jessica’s self-loathing inner monologue. Stronger than the second volume, this is where Alias seems to be really hitting its stride.

Collects Alias 10 & 16-21. Near mint, 2nd print.