Youngblood # 7 Image Comics Rob Liefeld Eric Stephenson Badrock Cover


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Youngblood (1992 1st Series) #7
Published Jul 1994 by Image.

Story by Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson. Art by Rob Liefeld, Jonathan Sibal, and Danny Miki. As Shaft deals with an eating disorder, Troll is approached and warned by the head of the department to behave himself, and Knight Sabre gets in some extensive training. Meanwhile, continued from Spawn #23, Badrock enjoys the Ski slopes of Vail. However, his vacation is cut short when the cybernetic killing machine known as Overtkill shows up damaged and ready to make the Boy of Stone feel as bad as he does. Story continues in Team Youngblood #11. Plus, an Epilogue featuring the return of Chapel. 32 pages.

Near mint condition. 1st printing.