Xbox Original Lord of the Rings The Two Towers w/ Case


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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers action-adventure game allows players to take control of the trilogy’s action heroes–Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli–with other members of the fellowship taking an active role during gameplay. Players battle a variety of Orcs and square off against vicious boss monsters including the Cave Troll and Saruman. A tactical gameplay system encourages players to react quickly and be strategic with their selection of characters, weaponry, and combat moves. For a true Tolkien fan, this game is a masterpiece. It focuses on hack and slash action (nonstop, except cutscenes) based on the first two new line cinema movies. The game beautifully blends scenes from the movies with the graphics from the game. Soundtracks from the movies, combined with all the original actors voicing the characters. Dolby Digital 5.1 makes this a realistic experience, swords clashing all around you. It doesn’t get much more like the movie than that! This game is beat on “easy” in very little time, but you can unlock a bonus mission and a secret character with more playing. Features: Thirteen levels showing off the darkest sides of Middle Earth! Play as Aragorn, Gimli, or Legolas! Upgrade your characters with new combos! Exclusive interviews with the stars of the film! Dolby Digital 5.1! You earn points by performing combos and varying your attacks on enemies. X parries (you can even block incoming arrows), A offers a speed attack, Y a power attack, and B a knock-down attack. The Left Trigger has you whip out your bow (Gimli wields a throwing axe), and A shoots an arrow (or throws an axe). The Right Trigger is for a powerful stroke at a downed enemy. The black button has you hop backwards, a good way to avoid an attack. Each character is quite different from one another with Gimli offering plenty of might, Legolas far best at long range, and Aragorn as the perfect balance between the two. As you play, you’ll level up your character. This makes it most sensible to play through the game three times, once as each character. This way you can have Aragorn, for example, at his mightiest when facing the attack on Helm’s Deep. If you hop around with each character, you’ll end up with three characters too outmatched for the final battle. Includes game disk (scratches from normal use) and case. No instructions.


Includes game disk (scratches from normal use) and case. No instructions.