Sherlock Holmes Secret of the Silver Earring PC Adventure Game w/ Box


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Secret of the Silver Earring is a murder mystery experience starring the legendary Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson! Travel to London in 1895, where a wealthy construction tycoon lies dead in his mansion. You’ll use the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes to unravel a suspense-filled storyline with surprising plot twists and turns. Features: Play as either Holmes or Watson, Explore 40 different locations across 19th-century London, Follow the clues as they take Holmes & Watson to Brazil and India, Interview over 40 witnesses and piece together what really happened, 5 levels and a wealth of in-game movies unlock the mystery! The graphics are a delight, the story mysterious until Sherlock’s final explanation. Do not be dismayed by having to avoid a watchman and dog in one part and the timed puzzle later on. I used a walkthrough to help with these sequences and after a few tries, succeeded with a lot less frustration than I expected. All games have some flaws that you would like to improve on. But this game is just so beautiful with appropriate music and lots of characters and locations. I thoroughly enjoyed and will probably play again some day. I got this game expecting the creators to realize that their last Sherlock Holmes game (The Mystery of the Mummy) had been too hard, but it appears that they didn’t realize that. This game is just as hard, but they creators did add better graphic and sound elements. Story-You are invited to a party, and immediately after you arrive, a man is shot. The main suspect is the daughter because she was seen in a doorway next to him along with a cloud of smoke. However, you, as Sherlock Holmes, set out to find out if she is the killer or not. Graphics-I found the graphics fabulous. Sound-Some might not like the sound, for it is classical music the entire way through. Think Beethoven or Bach (not that those are necessarily the composers) style music. The voice acting was well-done, also. Gameplay- This is a third-person point-and-click game. You play as Sherlock most of the time, but occasionally, you play as Watson, which I thought fun. You talk to a lot of characters in this game, and you can skip their dialogue if they are talking too slowly for you. My major complaint is that the things you do in this game are HARD! I had to use walkthroughs, which I usually do not do. But this game is divided into 5 days. The first day is, of course, at the party where the man is shot, and you go around the mansion picking up clues. You literally have to find hairs. They are hard to spot, and you have to put your cursor on them directly in order to pick them up. The puzzles in this game are really hard. It took me a while to get some of them even with a walkthrough, which means that they are REALLY hard. Also, at the end of each day, you have to take a quiz. This quiz consisted of 4-6 yes/no questions, but it’s not just answering them. You have to back up your answers with dialogue, clues, and observations from the game. Fun- The game is really fun with a walkthrough(google it!) I just want to also say that I really liked the ending. Length- With a walkthrough, it took me 3-4 days to finish. Without a walkthrough I never would have finished the game. Some of the puzzles were SO hard, I never would have figured them out. Overall, the storyline, graphics, and sound are excellent, but the puzzles were way too hard. Please believe me when I say I do not like walkthroughs, and I rarely use them. This was the exception.


Box, manual, 2 flawless disks, case.