Xbox Original True Crime Streets of L.A. w/ Case Instructions


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As Nick Kang, your brutal reputation and lethal skills have landed you a nasty job: heading up an undercover task force to stop the Chinese and Russian gangs from turning the City of Angels into their hellish playground. Drive, fight and blast your way through a massive array of unpredictable missions, using stealth techniques, martial arts moves and an ask-questions-later arsenal. For maximum replayability, a changeable, branching storyline gives you the freedom to complete missions as you choose–however, you also have to face the consequences of those choices for better or worse. Successes or failures lead to entirely different game experiences, unveiling multiple storylines with no repeated missions. Build skills as you progress, learn new fighting moves, more sophisticated shooting skills and driving maneuvers. Get all the gritty detail of the real undercover world in a painstakingly recreated Los Angeles featuring recognizable landmarks and famous streets. Cruise the city taking down or harassing the scum of the streets. Bust drug dealers and prostitutes, shakedown informants and confront gang members to get the job done. Looks like the hardcore streets of L.A. have just met their match! The map is huge and seems to be a pretty accurate map of L.A., so if you are from L.A., you could probably visit the house where you are currently playing this game. Spooky. There is 250 square miles of living, breathing LA turf. You heard me. 250 SQUARE MILES!!!!!! That is 10 times bigger than Vice City and 7 times bigger than the Getaway! The greatest strength of this Luxoflux game is the integration of story and layers of game design into one cohesive package that’s makes the whole thing flow more like an interactive movie than anything. If the GTA games gave us a living city that reacted to almost all of our whims and left us on our own to generate fun for ourselves, True Crime gives us very specific things to do in that living city so that we might drive a genuinely compelling story. It’s the difference between your pre-school teacher leaving you in sandbox so that you might amuse yourself and her putting you in the sandbox to build a castle to use as a prop in a fable she wants to tell. True Crime gives you a purpose and a consequence for every criminal you bag and every civilian or cop you blast and the events of one mission are tied to the next mission all the way to the multiple ends of the game. Some might see this as restricting compared to the Rockstar franchise that defined this new sub-genre of free flowing action games. Even with major technical issues that do hold it back, True Crime does what it set out to do and to put it simply, it works. The interactivity of True Crime’s Los Angeles is outstanding even if there seems to be a shortage of traffic and diversity among citizens at any given time. You can punch, shoot or search any NPC at anytime. Attacking for no reason will raise both your bad cop rating and the civic unrest meter. When you get critical civil unrest, the SWAT team will be dispatched and you will get smoked. It takes a lot of death and damage to send the civil unrest meter soaring. The thing is the average citizens in True Crime are far more active and aggressive than the ones in either GTA game. We’ve witnessed sequences where we rolled up on a random crime scene in Nick’s custom cop car, started fighting the suspect, who then hopped in our cop car and took off. We chased him down in a slow truck, incapacitated our now stolen cop car, the suspect then got out, put up more of a fight and then stole the slow truck we arrived in and left us sitting there with our burning, flat-tired cop car. Considering a suspect or two can even brandish a pistol, sword or bottle at any point during that sequence, and it’s safe to say True Crime will keep you on your toes. The representation of the streets of Los Angeles might be the real star of the game. While accurately depicting every McDonalds and Starbucks spread across the I-10 corridor from downtown to the beaches would’ve been nice, we’re quite impressed with the fact that every single street, avenue and boulevard is right where it should be. The rough parallelogram (you never thought you’d hear that one from us) defined by Pacific Palisades to the northwest, Marina Del Rey to the southwest, Downtown LA to the southeast and Los Feliz to the northeast is the sandbox for True Crime and every nugget of pavement between those points is as it should be. So much so that Los Angeles natives –or anybody who knows their way around La La Land– will have a tremendous advantage when it comes to the timed driving portions of the game. If you’ve used a shortcut down a back alley to dodge the cops in real life, it’ll probably serve the same purpose in TC. There’s a reason why IGN gave this game a 9.0! Includes game disk (slight scratches from normal use), instructions and case.


Includes game disk (slight scratches from normal use), instructions and case.