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X-Statix, Vol. 1: Good Omens Paperback
by Peter Milligan (Author), Mike Allred (Illustrator)

Rising from the ashes of X-Force comes the X-Statix, America’s favorite mutant team. Instead of hiding from the spotlight, these photogenic mutants are camera-friendly, heavily marketed media darlings, garnering monumental press and fame that would put any movie star to shame. The only threat to their runaway success is a rival group of flashy new mutants threatening to steal their thunder. With the entire world watching, can the X-Statix reclaim their rightful place in the spotlight?

Collecting: X-Statix 1-5
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Just after changing their name from X-Force to X-Statix, and with the raw wounds of loosing one of their oldest and dearest members, the team finds themselves struggling to find their direction. With O-Force, another band of celebrity mutants formed to steal their thunder, everyone must decide if they even want to be a team anymore. Add to all this a disturbed young mutant named Arnie who had the ability to warp and change reality and a cruel sense of humor and you have an volatile mix waiting to explode.

This graphic novel is Milligan at his best. The story actually keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and turning pages from start to finish. The characterization is delicious to devour, and some of the changes and twists at the end had me actually talking outloud to the book (you know, things like ” Don’t do it!” and ” Oh no!” the things you hope no one heard you say outloud to a book)

Not only is this Milligan’s finest hour, Allred’s art is always interesting and fits the mood of the book like a glove.

Please do yourself a favor and check this graphic out. Recommended.

Collecting: X-Statix 1-5. Near mint, 1st print.