X-Men The Wedding Special #1 NM Terry Dodson Variant Cover Marvel 1st print MCU

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X-Men Wedding Special (2018) #1B
Published Jul 2018 by Marvel
Written by Chris Claremont, Marc Guggenheim and Kelly Thompson
Art by Greg Land, Marika Cresta and Todd Nauck
Cover by Terry Dodson
36 pages, full color

One of the biggest milestone events in X-Men history is almost here! Kitty Pryde and Colossus are finally about the tie the knot…but what’s a wedding without the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties? Join Marc Guggenheim and Kelly Thompson for two parties that can only be celebrated Marvel style! All this, plus, a Kitty and Colossus story by legendary X-Men scribe, Chris Claremont!

As the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus approaches, we are given three stories to whet our nuptial appetite. We first find Kitty Pryde reflecting on her life and the tragedies and victories along the way. After that, we join Piotr Rasputin’s Las Vegas bachelor party joined by Nightcrawler, Gambit, Iceman, and the new Pyro. Finally, we see Kitty’s bachelorette party joined by Rogue, Storm, a slew of X-Men ladies, and another surprise and uninvited guest.

X-Men Wedding Special is a solid tribute to Kitty Pryde as a character, if less so her fiance or their impending marriage. It proves that Chris Claremont can still work his magic with the franchise, and also that Kelly Thompson has a promising future with this franchise.

The X-Men are joining the MCU! Professor X made his debut in Multiverse of Madness and Wolverine is set to appear in Deadpool 3! It’s happening!!!


Bagged and boarded, near mint condition. 1st printing. More pictures may be in description.