X-Men Poster #188 vs Dracula and Vampire Storm Bill Sienkiewicz


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Shadowcat, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Wolverine vs a Vampirized Storm and Count Dracula! Dracula comes for Ororo one final time, to make her his undead bride. Just then, Kitty phases through the wall, cross held firmly in her out-stretched hand. Dracula at first flinches, but then realizes it has no effect on him! He attacks her, but burns his hand on the Star of David Kitty wears as a pendant. Dracula and Ororo flee, and the X-Men come into the room, having heard the commotion. Kitty explains that Dracula took Ororo, and while doubtful of the assailants identity, Wolverine sets to work tracking him. They track Ororo to Belvedere Castle, outside of which Dracula attacks them alongside wild dogs and rats of monstrous proportions. The X-Men defeat the wildlife, but Dracula is proving too much for them. Except Nightcrawler does truly believe, and he forms the cross from some splintered wood at hand, hurting Dracula, and he tries to zap the fuzzy elf with daemonic lightning. Inside the castle, Kitty has slipped away from the fight. She finds a coffin, using Holy Water to make it unsuitable for use by a vampire. Kitty gets ambushed by Storm, already starting her transformation – her fangs elongating. Kitty dives for the stake she brought with her, and prepares to use it. But then she drops it. She can’t stake her friend, and tells Storm that if she wants her life, she can take it.

Near mint condition.