X-Men Poster #172 Psylocke by David Finch


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Upon rejoining the X-Men, Psylocke states that while she is still primarily a telekinetic, she has gained the mental ability to telepathically “suggest what people see” (i.e. cast telepathic illusions). In an interview, writer Christopher Yost and editor Daniel Ketchum confirm that Psylocke now possesses both telekinesis, telepathy, and empathy. Additionally, she is once again able to focus her telepathic energies into a solid psychic knife and can still manifest her telekinetic katana. As shown in the events of the Psylocke miniseries, she still appears to be an unusually strong and powerful telepath; with a range of abilities similar to what she possessed at her introduction, as well as manifesting her trademark psychic knife. Psylocke is also shown to have levels of telekinesis sufficient to increase the strength and power of her physical blows as well as ward off attacks via force fields and telekinetic “pushes and pulls.” During the Utopia storyline, she was seen manifesting her telekinetic katana, but of late she has been seen using a pair of traditional katanas as well. After the events of “Second Coming”, Psylocke establishes that her psychic abilities fluctuate in strength; if her concentration is divided as a result of a telepathic response to her environment, it has an adverse effect on her telekinesis. During the “Dark Angel Saga”, Psylocke’s full psionic potential was unlocked by the Jean Grey from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. She was able to overcome Archangel with her newly strengthened and increased telepathy – a feat that had previously been beyond her power. Writer Rick Remender has stated that she is now an Omega-class/level telepath on par with Jean Grey and Professor Xavier.

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